Students, staff, and guests can access our expanded wireless network at the Ukiah Campus and at each of our centers. The same wireless networks are available at each location.

Wireless Networks:

  • Mendo Guest - A public Wi-Fi network intended for non-student/staff visitors. Users must provide a text phone number or personal email address in order to register to use the network. They will need to register each day they connect to the network.
  • MendoOnBoard - To use the staff/student Mendocino network, you start by connecting to this network to complete the onboarding process. You'll only need to do that the first time you connect and once a year after that. This network does not provide Internet access. It is only for onboarding.
  • Mendocino - The staff and student network. It requires you to complete the onboarding process using your college username/password. Once onboarded, you can connect to this network each time you visit a district site.

Onboarding Tips:

We have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page about onboarding to the new Wi-Fi network.

You can onboard before you get on campus by visiting the Onboarding Site and completing the process up until the step where it attempts to connect to the Mendocino wireless network.

The onboarding process involves downloading a security certificate that your device will use to connect to the wireless network.

Once onboarded, you can use the new Mendocino network at any college site.

Video Walkthroughs:


What if I need assistance?

For assistance in getting connected to the wireless network, contact the IT Help Desk via email or phone at 707-468-3210.