Accreditation Steering Committee

At the core of the Mendocino College Accreditation Process is the Accreditation Steering Committee that is a standing committee charged with oversight of all accreditation processes and ensuring that the College aligns with and can provide evidence of alignment with the ACCJC Standards. The committee is chaired by the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). At Mendocino College, the ALO role is assigned to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 

In spring of 2018, work toward completion the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report and preparation for the Comprehensive Site Visit became more structured and focused. In May of 2018, a large team, consisting of accreditation steering committee leaders, attended the ACCJC ISER training.

Leading up to the Comprehensive Review, it was decided that the Academic Senate President should be a co-chair of the committee to ensure that faculty, as represented by academic senate, would have full participation in the process. Membership on the committee includes key faculty, administrators and classified staff.

The process for completing the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) became more structured and focused on writing the report in Fall 2018 when subcommittees were formed around each of the four ACCJC standards. Drafting of the standards began as subcommittees met and evidence began being collected to support each standard. 


Name Title Role in ISER Completion
Debra Polak Vice President of Academic Affairs; Accreditation Liaison Officer Accreditation Steering Committee Chair, Standards I and IV Co-Chair
Catherine Indermill Psychology Faculty; Academic Senate President Accreditation Steering Committee Co-Chair
Ulises Velasco Vice President of Student Services Standard II Co-Chair
Eileen Cichocki Interim Superintendent/President; Vice President of Administrative Services Standard III Chair
Rebecca Montes Dean of Instruction Standard II Co-Chair
Dennis Aseltyne Dean of Applied Academics Standard I Subcommittee
Nicole Marin Director of Human Resources Standard III Subcommittee
Vivian Varela Distance Education Coordinator; Sociology Faculty Standard II Subcommittee
Nicholas Petti Culinary Arts Faculty; Academic Senator Standard IV Subcommittee
Minerva Flores Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Grants Standards I and IV Co-Chair
Tony Novelli Marketing and Community Relations Specialist Standard IV Subcommittee
Chris Olson Senior Programmer/Analyst; Classified Senate Part-President Technology Support