Mendocino College Student Athlete Being Recruited by The Ohio State University

January 23, 2016

Mendocino College sophomore student-athlete Jamar King is attracting the attention of several four-year college football programs, including major FBS program at The Ohio State University.

King played the 2014 and 2015 seasons for the Mendocino College Eagles Football Team.  Led by head coach Frank Espy, he played on the defensive line for the Eagles.  King was named to the Bay Valley Conference All-Conference Team both seasons.  Additionally, he was named to the California Community Colleges All-California Region II First Team Defense in 2015 and named the Region’s Defensive Player of the Year.

As part of the recruiting process, prospective recruits are able to make five official visits to colleges which they might attend (one visit to each college). King was invited to visit The Ohio State University on Saturday, January 16, while Mendocino College is on recess between the fall and spring semesters.

In addition to King’s excellent skills on the football field, he is playing center this season for the Mendocino College Men’s Basketball Team. King took time off from the basketball team last week to make this first official college visitation.  The visit to The Ohio State University, currently ranked fourth in the nation, came with a scholarship offer to play for the school’s nationally ranked football team. While there, King met with The Ohio State University head coach Urban Meyer.

Returning home this week, King mentioned the calls he was receiving from other nationally ranked college football teams, including calls from 2016 National Championship winner, Alabama Crimson Tide.    

According to Mendocino College Athletic Director Matt Gordon, “It’s an incredible accomplishment for one of our fine players to be recruited by nationally ranked college football teams.  Jamar has excelled on both the football field and the basketball court and we are proud to call him our own.”

Gordon also states, “King is a stellar student athlete.  His personal, athletic, and academic development in his time here at Mendocino College is a true testimony to Jamar’s commitment and the commitment of our coaching staff.  Each and every one of our coaches are devoted to our athletic program and take great pride in encouraging their players to excel both on and off the field.”

King did find time in his busy recruiting schedule to play with his basketball teammates in their Wednesday evening home game against BVC opponent Yuba College. The Eagles won that game 77-74.

Following King’s Wednesday night basketball game, he mentioned that he was scheduled to make a visit to the University of Alabama on January 22nd. He also mentioned that he had been contacted by Michigan State University. 

Although prospective recruits can make non-binding verbal commitments to play for colleges as early as high school, the official first day they can sign a written commitment is the first Wednesday in February.  This day, known as National Letter of Intent Day, is February 3rd, 2016.

Although King can make a verbal commitment to sign with a college before that date, he cannot formally sign until February 3. He is free to change his decision until he signs.