Mendocino College Announces Low-Cost Math Textbooks

May 15, 2020

The math faculty at Mendocino College recognize that college textbooks can be expensive. That is why they have made the commitment to use low-cost textbooks for their B-STEM (business, science, technology, engineering, and math) pathway courses. 

For STEM courses through the pre-calculus level, the math faculty have selected high quality, low cost books from xyz textbooks with an e-book option that allows students to access books for as little as $15 per semester. Using the xyz all-access pass, students can have unlimited access to e-books and resources for a calendar year at the low price of $45. For example, if a student enrolls in Intermediate Algebra in summer, Trigonometry in fall, and Precalculus in spring, their e-book access averages out to $15 per semester. This 3-course sequence is offered in both online and on-campus formats (Precalculus is generally offered online in summer only).  “We’re very excited to offer this opportunity to our students,” Professor Leslie Banta said, noting that, “we reached out to xyz textbooks to create a Trigonometry textbook to complete our low-cost online course line-up and they put together just what we needed.”

The xyz all-access pass can also be used for the August Math Institute (MTH 41), a four-day course offered August 10 – 13, that gives students a jump-start to prepare them for their fall math course. The institute includes sessions for students planning to enroll in Applied Math (MTH 178), Statistics (MTH 220), Trigonometry (MTH 121), Precalculus (MTH 200), and Intermediate Algebra (MTH 80) for the fall semester.

Students in the Business Administration for Transfer Pathway enjoy the cost-saving benefit of books that are printed in-house or available free online. The Business Calculus text, written by Mendocino College Professors Deborah White and Banta are sold through the college bookstore for less than $15. Statistics classes use a similarly priced text written by Mendocino College Professors White and Jason Edington or a free open-access online text.

Enrollments for both summer and fall are open now. Information about math courses available for Mendocino College students can be found on the college’s webpage at or by contacting Professor Banta by email at

Many other Mendocino College faculty are also finding ways to incorporate free and low cost textbooks into their course curriculum as part of a movement to create whole degree pathways where the students never have to buy a book. For a list of all courses that are officially offering free and low cost textbooks for the 2020 summer and fall semesters, please visit: