Mendocino College Announces Fall Weekends to Success at the North County Center in Willits

July 11, 2019

Full time work and college are possible! The Mendocino College North County Center in Willits is offering a full time schedule held on Fridays and Saturdays for the upcoming fall semester which begins August 19.

All courses meet IGETC (CSU and UC transfer) and Mendocino College General Education requirements. Saturday classes are a mixture of online and face-to-face learning so they can be scheduled every other week. This gives students the opportunity to attend some or all of the Saturday courses. The Weekends to Success class schedule includes:


ENG 200 – English Composition (3 units), 5:30-8:20 pm


POL 200 – American Government & Politics (3 units), 9-11:50 am

PHL 230 – Religions of the World (3 units), 9-11:50 am

BIO 200 – Concepts of Biology (3 units), 12:30-3:20pm

COM 203 – Intro to Public Speaking (3 units), 12:30-3:20 pm

AST 200 – Astronomy (3 units), 3:30-6:40 pm

AST 200L – Astronomy Observation (1 unit), 6:50-10 pm

A full-time course load is 12 units, but students are encouraged to enroll in 15 units per semester in order to complete an associate’s degree and/or transfer to a four-year university in two years or less. Mendocino College also offers a variety of online courses suited to meet the needs of working students or those who may not have easy access to one of its four campuses in Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Willits, and Lakeport. To register for classes or view the entire Mendocino College Fall 2019 course schedule, visit

The Mendocino College North County Center is located at 372 E. Commercial Street in Willits. Please call (707) 459-6224 for information or to schedule a counseling appointment.