Grading System & Reports

Courses at Mendocino College are graded using the grading system established by Title 5.

Grading System  

All grades awarded by Mendocino College conform to the following:
Symbol Definition Grade points per unit
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Passing, less than satisfactory 1
F Failing 0
Pass (at least Grade C or better-units awarded not counted in GPA) 0
NP No Pass (less than satisfactory, or failing-units not counted in GPA) 0
I Incomplete 0
IP In Progress 0
W Withdrawal 0
MW Military Withdrawal 0
EW Excused Withdrawal 0
RD Report Delayed 0

Grade Reports

Final grade reports are prepared at the end of each semester and may be obtained through WebAdvisor at .

The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total number of units a student has attempted into the total number of grade points the student has earned:

Units for which symbols of EW, W, P, NP, I, or IP are assigned are not counted in units attempted.


Incomplete academic work for unforeseeable, emergency or justifiable reasons at the end of the term may result in an "I" symbol being entered in the student's record. The condition for removal of the "I" shall be stated by the instructor in a written record. This record shall contain the conditions for removal of the "I" and the grade assigned in lieu of its removal. This record must be given to the student with a copy on file with the registrar until the "I" is made up or the time limit has passed.* A final grade shall be assigned when the work stipulated has been completed and evaluated, or when the time limit for completing the work has passed.

The "I" may be made up no later than one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned.

The "I" symbol shall not be used in calculating units attempted nor for grade points.

In Progress 

The "IP" symbol shall be used only in those courses which extend beyond the normal end of an academic term. It indicates that work is "in progress," but that assignment of a substantive grade must await its completion. The "IP" symbol shall remain on the student's permanent record in order to satisfy enrollment documentation. The appropriate evaluative grade and unit credit shall be assigned and appear on the student's record for the term in which the course is completed. The "IP" shall not be used in calculating grade point averages.

The "IP" grade may be used only in specified and approved non-census courses that overlap two semesters.


See Dropping and Grades of Withdrawal.

Pass/No Pass Classes

Pass/No Pass grades exist to permit students the opportunity to explore classes in which they are interested without undue concern for their grade point average. This policy also recognizes that a standard letter grade may not always measure the value of a course to an individual and that knowledge gained by repeated effort is not necessarily inferior to knowledge gained on the first attempt.

Courses at Mendocino College are offered in either of the following categories:

  1. Courses wherein all students are evaluated on a Pass/No Pass basis only. Such courses are designated in the course description section.
  2. Courses wherein each student may elect no later than the end of the fifth (5th) week of instruction, or 30% of the short term course, whether the evaluation will be on a Pass/No Pass basis. Appropriate forms must be completed and filed with the Office of Admissions and Records by the deadline indicated; otherwise, evaluation will be on a letter grade basis. Students may not revert back to the letter grade option after filing the Pass/No Pass option form.

The following regulations apply to all Pass/No Pass courses and grades. The P grade represents a letter grade of A, B, or C. The NP grade represents a D or F letter grade.

  1. Units earned on a pass/no pass basis shall not be used to calculate grade point averages. If a course is transferable with a letter grade, it is also transferable with a pass grade, subject to the limitations imposed by the transfer institution. However, units attempted for which "NP" is recorded shall be considered in progress probation and dismissal procedures.
  2. A maximum of nine (9) semester units of pass/no pass may be counted in satisfaction of Mendocino College degree requirements.
  3. Whenever courses are offered in which there is a single satisfactory standard of performance for which unit credit is assigned, the pass/no pass grading system shall be used to the exclusion of other grades. Pass shall be assigned for meeting that standard; no pass for failure to do so.
  4. Courses required in a student's major cannot be taken for pass/no pass.

Changing Grades

In any course of instruction at Mendocino College for which grades are awarded, the instructor of the course shall determine the grade to be awarded to each student. The determination of the student's grade by the instructor shall be final in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetency. Correction of grades given in error shall include expunging the incorrect grade from the record and recalculating academic standing as appropriate.

Correction of grades given in error must be submitted in writing by the instructor of record, or instruction dean, to the Director of Admissions and Records.