Dismissal & Reinstatement

Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement

Students are expected to maintain minimum standards of scholarship while in attendance at Mendocino College. Academic and progress standards are required by law and implemented through District Administrative Procedure 4250.1, "Academic and Progress Probation and Dismissal" and 4255.1 “Dismissal and Readmission”. 

Standards for Dismissal 

A student who is on academic probation shall be subject to dismissal if the student has earned a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.00 in all units attempted in each of three consecutive semesters.  A student who has been placed on progress probation shall be subject to dismissal if the percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled for which entries of “W,” “I,” “NC,” and “NP” are recorded in at least three consecutive semesters reaches or exceeds fifty percent (50%).   “All units attempted” is defined as all units of credit for which the student has enrolled at Mendocino College.  A student on academic probation who earns a grade point average of 2.0 or better for the semester, but whose cumulative record still results in progress probation, shall have their probation extended an additional semester prior to dismissal.  A student on progress probation who completes more than 50% of all units attempted for the semester, but whose cumulative grade point average still results in academic probation, shall have their probation extended an additional semester prior to dismissal. 
Dismissal Letter 
Notification of dismissal shall be communicated to the student within two weeks of the end of the fall and spring semesters.  The communication notifying students that they are subject to dismissal will cover, at a minimum, reference to this procedure, explanation of what dismissal means, procedure for reinstatement, and the procedure to appeal the dismissal. 
Dismissal does not apply to summer session.

Appeal of Dismissal 
The student has the right to appeal a proposed dismissal action if the student has experienced circumstances that warrant an exception to the dismissal action.  The student must file the written petition of appeal to Admissions and Records within 30 days of notification.  If the student fails to file a written petition within the allowed timeframe, the student waives all future rights to appeal the dismissal action.  It is the student's responsibility to indicate on the petition a clear statement of the grounds on which continued enrollment should be granted and to provide evidence/documentation supporting the reasons.  Petitions will be reviewed by Academic Review Committee.  The decision of the Academic Review Committee will be communicated to the student in writing by the Director of Admissions and Records.  The Director of Admissions and Records will notify the student of the committee’s action within five days of receipt of the committee decision.  The student may appeal the decision of the Academic Review Committee in writing to the Superintendent/President or designee, within ten working days of the date of notification of the decision of the Academic Review Committee.  The decision of the Superintendent/President or designee is final. 

If the dismissal appeal is granted, the student will be continued on probation for an additional semester.  At the end of the additional semester, the student’s academic record will again be evaluated to determine whether the student may be removed from probation, should be dismissed, or should be continued on probation. 
Students that choose to sit out a semester, rather than appeal dismissal, must complete the Readmission After Dismissal process prior to enrollment in a future semester. 

Fall Dismissals 
Special circumstances exist for dismissals after the Fall semester as students traditionally enroll before Fall grades are available.  Subject to dismissal letters will be sent no later than the second week in January informing students they will be permitted to continue on probation and their dismissal status will be reevaluated at the end of the Spring semester. 
Standards for Evaluating Appeals 
Dismissal appeals may be granted under the following circumstances: 

  •  The student has experienced accident, illness, or other circumstance beyond their control.  Documentation of the extenuating circumstance must be submitted with the appeal. 
  •  There is evidence of significant improvement in academic achievement. 

Readmission after Dismissal for a Semester 

Students that have not attended since their dismissal, must complete the following readmission process prior to enrollment.  After receiving a recommendation for readmission from a counselor, the Academic Review Committee will consider whether or not students may be readmitted after a dismissal and one semester absence, the following criteria will be considered:   

  • Documented extenuating circumstances. 
  • Improved GPA as a result of grade changes, fulfillment of incomplete courses, repeated coursework, or academic renewal.
  • Marked improvement between the semesters on which disqualification was based.
  • Formal or informal educational experiences since completion of semesters on which disqualification was based.