ADJ 200 Intro Admin of Justice

ADJ 200 Intro Admin of Justice (3 units)

Section #0013      Begins August 24    Ends December 18

Course Description

History and philosophy of administration of justice in America; identifying the various components, their interrelationships, and the role expectations for each; theories of crime, punishment, rehabilitation, ethics, education, and training directed toward professionalism in the system.

  • Instructor:   K.Paine
  • Email:
    After the class has started, please use Etudes Private Messages for communication.
  • Textbook Information:  Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice  3rd Edition.    Author:  P.J. Ortmeier  ISBN# 978-1-256-39999-5  The cover of the book is Black and tan with a picture of a Hall of Justice, with roman columns.
  • Estimated Time per Week: Students can expect to spend approximately 9 to 12 hours per week reading, writing, and taking quizzes and participating in online class discussions.
  • Special Requirements: Log into Etudes the first day of class.
  • Assignments & Tests:  I work with modules that include vocabulary, essay questions, activity and test.  There is one subject paper and several other assignments.
  • Additional Comments: The entire course will be conducted online through the Etudes program. Students are required to have Internet access, an active email account, the ability to use word processing, conduct Internet searches, attach files, send emails, and work independently.
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