Curriculum Forms

Content Review, Distance Education Addendum, General Education and Institutional Requirement forms are available through Dynamic Forms. Faculty will need to use the links provided and log onto Dynamic Forms using college credentials. Once the form is submitted, the Curriculum Chair will review and send the form onto the Tech Review and Curriculum Committees for consideration. The Curriculum Chair will contact faculty if additional information is needed.  

A Content Review is needed when requesting Prerequisites, Corequisites and/or Advisories for courses.  

A Distance Education Addendum is needed when requesting a course to be considered as a Distance Education or Hybrid course.  

General Education and Institutional Requirements proposal forms are needed when requesting that a course be considered for Mendocino College local General Education and Institutional Requirements.  

General Education Area A: Natural Science
General Education Area B-1: Social Sciences- American Institutions
General Education Area B-2: Social Sciences- Social and Behavior Sciences
General Education Area C: Humanities
General Education Area D-1: Language and Rationality- English Composition
General Education Area D-2: Language and Rationality- Communication and Analytical Thinking
Institutional Requirement: Studies in Culture
Institutional Requirement: Wellness
Institutional Requirement: Mathematics Competency
Institutional Requirement: Reading and Written Expression   


For additional information on these forms, please contact: 

Curriculum Chair- Marcus Frederickson,

Curriculum Technician- Amy Nelson,