Career, Technical Education

Career, Technical Education (CTE) describes a wide variety of specialized programs created to get you job-ready within two years or less.  CTE programs will get you where you want to go, quickly.  Mendocino College offers many CTE programs.  Check out the Departments below for more information.


Departments offering CTE Degrees and Certificates:

Administration of Justice
Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies
Automotive Technology
Business Office Technology
Child Development
Computer Science
Culinary Arts Management
Digital Arts and Media
Fire Science
Health Sciences
Human Services Programs
Sustainable Construction and Energy Technology


Why choose CTE?

Start your career sooner

Spending four years to get a bachelor’s degree may not be the route you want to take.  Maybe you want to be a chef, a registered nurse, or work in law enforcement.  Not all jobs even require an associate degree -- many programs have “stackable” certificates so that once you earn one, you can enter the industry and work while you earn additional certificates as you enhance your skills.

Spend a lot less

Community college is an affordable way to get your education and not be saddled with a ton of student debt when you finish.  Paying off college loans is definitely not what you want when you’re just starting your career!

Choice of programs

When you’re checking out all the program choices at Mendocino College, you will be amazed at the diverse options that you have to choose from!  You could study everything from healthcare to horticulture, auto technology, or culinary arts.   You have a wealth of opportunities to find a career where you get to pursue your passion.

Hands-on training

A major benefit of CTE training is that many of your classes include labs where you are in front of the actual technology and tools you will be using on the job.  In the labs, you’ll be able to immediately apply knowledge gained from reading and lectures.  Later, this knowledge will help you when you’re out on the job.

Experienced instructors

The instructors here are dedicated to helping you work toward your career goals.
Many of our faculty are working professionals in their industry, which means they are able to give you the up-to-date skills that employers are looking for right now.   You will feel prepared to be successful in a career, and their connections in the community may even link you to your internship or job.



Explore the department pages for further details and specific contact information.  For general inquiries, you can contact:

Rhea Hollis
CTE Counselor

Cyndi Woskow
Office of Instruction