CSU GE Breadth and IGETC Articulation Agreements

General education patterns, such as CSU GE Breadth and IGETC, are forms of articulation, but they are system wide patterns accepted by most public universities in California. By completing an appropriate general education pattern and having it certified by Mendocino College, a transferring student should have completed all the lower division general education requirements at a CSU or UC. Please note that universities have additional upper division GE and institutional requirements and not all UC colleges and majors accept IGETC.

There are also private schools which accept CSU GE Breadth and IGETC patterns.

Students may find a comprehensive database of Mendocino College’s major preparation agreements at ASSIST. The information on ASSIST is presented differently by each university and should be used in conjunction with the services of a counselor, college catalog, or college website. In addition, it is highly recommended that students visit any university they wish to transfer to, meet with a representative of their intended major and review their admission requirements. 

Articulation Agreements with Individual Colleges

Mendocino College also maintains a limited number of articulation agreements with nearby California Community Colleges, such as Napa Valley College and Santa Rosa Junior College, and some private and out of state universities.

Mendocino College has partnered with Sonoma State’s Liberal Studies – Ukiah program to streamline the transfer process. The 2+2 pathway aims to guarantee students complete their Associate’s degree in 2 years at Mendocino College and a baccalaureate degree in the following 2 years at Sonoma State University.

Current 2+2 Pathways with SSU: Liberal Arts and Sciences with an Emphasis in Education AA to Liberal Studies BA

Arizona State University: MyPath2ASU

Students can successfully plan their transfer to ASU while working towards their degree at Mendocino College through MyPath2ASU. With the MyPath2ASU experience, students are ensured a simple, seamless transition into one of the nation’s top 10 universities for undergraduate education — all while saving time and money, and minimizing the loss of credit during their transfer journey. 

MyPath2ASU eliminates the guesswork out of transferring by enabling students to create their own pathway to ASU. By selecting an ASU major, MyPath2ASU and Mendocino College will outline a list of courses for students to take at their current institution that apply towards their ASU bachelor’s degree. Some of the MyPath2ASU transfer experience benefits include:

Guaranteed general admission to ASU and admission into MyPath2ASU major choice of all requirements are satisfied.* Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements.

More than 400 course-by-course guided pathways into immersion and online ASU degree programs.
Self-service, degree progress tracking through My Transfer Guide to minimize loss of credit.
A connected experience through personalized ASU communications to prepare academically and to help build a connection to ASU.

Please click this link to learn more.