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Foreign Language major leads to the Associate in Arts degree and prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution. Students completing the baccalaureate program or graduate work may be hired in the major or allied fields as an international business executive, civil service officer, immigration specialist, peace corps volunteer, foreign correspondent, teacher, travel agent, interpreter, foreign trade agent or foreign service officer.

Required Courses
Course Title Units
BUS 196 Cooperative Work Experience Education* 2.0
SOC 235 Mexican American Culture 3.0
SPN 104 Advanced Spanish Conversation 2.0
SPN 203 Intermediate Spanish-Level IV 4.0
SPN 210 Spanish for Spanish Speakers- Level I 3.0
SPN 211 Spanish for Spanish Speakers- Level II 3.0
Plus 4 to 5 additional units selected from the following:
FRN 100 Conversational French-Level I 2.0
FRN 101 Conversational French-Level II 2.0
FRN 102 Conversational French-Level III 2.0
FRN 103 Conversational French-Level IV 2.0
SPN 102 Conversational Spanish-Level III 2.0
SPN 103 Conversational Spanish-Level IV 2.0
SPN 104 Advanced Spanish Conversation 2.0

Total Required Units 21.0

*Enrollment in Work Experience requires a meeting with the full-time instructor, Susan Janssen (468-3019), within the first two weeks of the semester.


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