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The Health Sciences degree is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a Baccalaureate or Masters degree in a health profession such as medical technology, nutrition, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary science, etc. Students interested in vocationally-specific training which prepares them for licensing examinations, such as Home Health Aide, EMT-1 paramedic, or Registered Nursing should look in the Mendocino College catalog under ?Certificates of Achievement.? Students who complete vocational training can apply the units earned in their certificate program as elective credits for an Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences.For students planning on careers in Radiology, Dental Hygiene, Animal Health Technology, etc. (i.e. lower division level programs), Mendocino College offers the prerequisite courses and general education requirements for such Allied Health Occupation programs offered at other 2- and 4-year colleges. The lower division core requirements are similar from school to school, but the general education and institutional requirements for graduation can vary.In order to receive a degree in Health Sciences from Mendocino College, students must complete the 28 units listed below, in addition to general education and institutional graduation requirements, and elective courses based on their academic and vocational goals?see your counselor for details. Please review the various patterns with your counselor to make sure you understand your choices and the applicability of courses to majors at specific 4-year colleges / universities.

Term Effective Fall 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
BIO 231 Human Physiology 5.0
BIO 250 Principles of Biology 5.0
CHM 250 General Chemistry I 5.0
CHM 251 General Chemistry II 5.0
MTH 220 Statistics 4.0
Plus 5 Units selected from the following:
BIO 230 Human Anatomy 5.0
BIO 259 Microbiology 5.0
CHM 255 Organic Chemistry I 5.0

Total Required Units 29.0

Some majors also require second semester physics (PHY 211), additional Biology (BIO 231, 255, 257, 259), and Calculus (MTH 210, 211). See your counselor for details.


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