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Music major leads to the Associate in Arts degree and prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution. Students completing the baccalaureate program or graduate work may be hired in the major or allied fields such as: VOCAL - a choir director, teacher, vocalist, entertainer, composer, or lyricist or; INSTRUMENTAL - music therapist, music librarian, entertainer, teacher, arranger, composer, or accompanist.

Term Effective Fall 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
MUS 201A Music Theory/Ear Training I 5.0
MUS 201B Music Theory/Ear Training II 5.0
MUS 202A Music Theory/Ear Training III 5.0
MUS 202B Music Theory/Ear Training IV 5.0
MUS 203 Music History & Literature I 3.0
MUS 204 Music History & Literature II 3.0
MUS 210 Piano: Beginning I 2.0
8 units (total of 4 semesters) from:
MUS 256 Jazz Band 2.0
MUS 272 Symphonic Band 2.0
MUS 276 Symphony Orchestra (string players only) 2.0

Total Required Units 38.0

To fully benefit from the music program, students should also participate in small vocal and/or instrumental ensemble.


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