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Music major leads to the Associate in Arts degree and prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution. Students completing the baccalaureate program or graduate work may be hired in the major or allied fields such as: VOCAL - a choir director, teacher, vocalist, entertainer, composer, or lyricist or; INSTRUMENTAL - music therapist, music librarian, entertainer, teacher, arranger, composer, or accompanist.

Term Effective Fall 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
MUS 201A Music Theory/Ear Training I 5.0
MUS 201B Music Theory/Ear Training II 5.0
MUS 202A Music Theory/Ear Training III 5.0
MUS 202B Music Theory/Ear Training IV 5.0
MUS 203 Music History & Literature I 3.0
MUS 204 Music History & Literature II 3.0
MUS 210 Piano: Beginning I 2.0
Plus 10 additional units selected from the following:
MUS 230 Beginning Voice 1.0
MUS 231 Intermediate Voice 1.0
MUS 232 Singers' Repertoire 1.0
MUS 280 Masterworks Chorale (total of 4 semesters) 8.0

Total Required Units 38.0

To fully benefit from the music program, students should also participate in small vocal and/or instrumental ensemble.


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