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We offer two parallel tracks of Spanish classes, both starting at the beginner level and going through intermediate.

The Spanish 100 series (100-104) consists of two-unit courses meeting two hours a week which are non-transferable to UC and transferable to CSU only as electives. These are courses designed for the working adult who wishes to get an introduction to Spanish and a working level of basic conversational ability.

SPN 100 Conversational Spanish: Level I
SPN 101 Conversational Spanish: Level II
SPN 102 Conversational Spanish: Level III
SPN 103 Conversational Spanish: Level IV
SPN 104 Advanced Spanish Conversation

The Spanish series (200-203) consists of four-units courses which meet five hours a week and are fully transferable to UC and CSU. While the principal goal is to develop conversational ability, listening, reading and writing skills are also emphasized for development. This series of classes is for the language student who wishes to advance more rapidly towards fluency.

SPN 200 Elementary Spanish: Level I
SPN 201 Elementary Spanish: Level II
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish: Level III
SPN 203 Intermediate Spanish: Level IV

Spanish 210 and 211 are three units courses designed for native or very fluent speakers of Spanish. As stated in the goals of this one year series, students will learn to recognize standard forms of Spanish when listening and reading and be able to differentiate them from non-standard forms when speaking and writing. A richer vocabulary
and greater awareness of grammatical accuracy will also enhance their formal oral and written expression. Students will also be able to identify elements of the cultures of Latin America, Spain, and the Latino US, including
history, geography, literature and artistic traditions of these areas. Finally, students will be able to validate their own linguistic and cultural knowledge as a valuable resource which they must continue to cultivate and strengthen.

Special Programs


In selected years, students have the opportunity to participate in a study/travel program in Oaxaca, Mexico for two to four weeks in June(two to four units of college credit). This successful combination of homestay with a Mexican family, daily language classes, and cultural excursions has received enthusiastic reviews from the participants.

For more information contact Susan Janssen in the Foreign Language Department at 468-3019.

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