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Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

1.  If I have an Ineligible Academic Program can I get financial aid?

NO.  To be eligible for financial aid you have to be working towards an eligible degree or certificate program at a school eligible for any of the FSA (Federal Student Aid) programs.

SOLUTION.  Meet with an Academic Counselor or use the Supplemental Admissions/Change of Information Form and select an academic program that is eligible for federal student aid.  Programs ending with ND are not eligible.

2.  My "Communication" tab on Web Advisor has document codes of STUDENT TAX TRANSCRIPT and/or PARENT TAX TRANSCRIPT, are these documents I need to sign and turn in?

NO.  If you filed taxes or if your parent(s) filed taxes and you have one or both document codes, then you need to go back into your FAFSA and make a correction to LINK using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. 

SOLUTION.  Once we see you have linked on a correction then we will clear these codes.  We run periodic reports to catch these updates to students FAFSA information in our system.


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