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Welcome to the Math Department! 

Here you will find information on our distinguished Math Faculty, their Office Hours, Math Contests and Competitions, great Math links and degree information about our Associate of Science Degree.

Math can be intimidating for us all, but our instructors can work wonders with that.

To contact someone in the Math Department at Mendocino College, just click on the "Faculty" link above and call or email one of our instructors.



What do students say about our instructors?

Alicia Bales, a drama student, says "Deborah White (Math Instructor for over 30 years now) made me feel really smart at math even though I was a theater major."

Brenda Espinoza, student and CAMP participant, and one of four current CAMP students in the nation to be selected in the National HEP/CAMP Association Internship Program remembers Leslie Banta, who "really helped me out with Math!"

Judith Harwood, Columbia University Graduate also fondly remembers Math faculty at Mendocino College. "Deborah White made math fun; I took statistics again when I got to Berkeley, which made me realize just how important a good teacher is to actually make you like the class."


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