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Welcome to the Business Department at Mendocino College

The study of Business can lead you in many directions. Understanding the world of business can improve your employment opportunties, prepare you for a management position, or help you prepare to start your own business.

Degrees and Certificates:
The busines department at Mendocino College has a full offering of degrees and certificates to meet your objectives. The course catalog is the authoritative source for information on all degree and certificate options. Click here for the Catalog. For Degree options see pages 47-90 and for Certificates see pages 90-106 . Note that there are now new certificate options in Business Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Tech Entrepreneurship, and Retail Management.
Business and Entrepreneurship Club:
A new Business and Entrepreneurship Club was formed in spring semester of 2012. This club offers an opportunity for business students to network, share business ideas, meet Business instructors, learn about community resources, and hear from succesful business owners. To recieve updates on club meetings and activities or if you have any questions or suggestions please contact the club coordinator Orion Walker - or 468.3224.
New Business Mentoring:
If you are working on starting a business or looking for some extra help or advise toward your business endeavors we can match you with a business mentor. The Business Program maintains a database of knowledeable and successful local business people who would be willing to meet with you, answer questions, and offer advise and tips to help you succeed. Talking with someone with business experience in your area of interest can be a great way to take your business idea to the next level. For information or to be matched with a business mentor contact Orion Walker - or 468.3224.
For information or questions regarding the Business Department please contact:
Steve Hixenbaugh, Full Time Business Faculty
Julie Finnegan, Full Time Accounting Faculty

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