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Katie Wojcieszak, Executive Director

Mendocino College Foundation


October 5, 2011


Mendocino College Foundation Supports Theater Program


On Tuesday October 3, Mendocino College Theatre professor Reid Edelman attended the Mendocino College Foundation directors’ meeting and spoke about the role of theatre in the college curriculum and the immense value of arts education, both for theatre majors transferring to study theatre at four year colleges and for students concentrating in other disciplines.  He explained that theatre students learn to think creatively, collaborate effectively with others, respect deadlines, and foster disciplined work habits.  Furthermore, he discussed that the study of theatre is inherently interdisciplinary, combining education in literature, history, psychology, art, and even math and business.  According to Edelman, theatre majors are in high demand as workers in a variety of fields because the skills they attain are so essential.


The college theatre program  is different from most college programs because it produces a full season of public events in addition to offering a full array of lecture and studio courses.  While the college district provides some funding, at least $17,000 in additional funding must be raised each year to pay for costumes, scenery, printing, equipment and other production related expenses.  Ticket sales only cover a portion of this need.  Edelman asked the Mendocino College Foundation for help raising additional money through program ad sales, increased ticket sales and promotional support.

The Mendocino College Foundation responded generously and enthusiastically.  The foundation immediately put forth a motion to support the college Theatre Program through the purchase of a program ad for $200.  Other foundation members followed by purchasing ads for their businesses and making personal donations. By the time Edelman had left the meeting, over $1000 had been raised to support the college’s upcoming production of Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannos.  This support from the college foundation will help pay for the special demands of this elaborate production, including the costs of commissioning an original musical score and hiring a choreographer for the show’s several dance sequences. 

The Mendocino College Theatre Department extends great appreciation to the Mendocino College Foundation for its support, and also to the members of the local business community who responded so powerfully.  These included Richard Cooper and the Mendo Lake Credit Union, Paul Conrado, John Goldsmith and Wells Fargo Advisors, and Christy and David Scollin.

The Mendocino College production of Oedipus Tyrannos runs October 21-30 in the Mendocino College Center Theatre.  For information, call (707) 468-3172.  Tickets are available at the Mendocino College Bookstore, The Mendocino Book Company, and online at



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