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Mendocino College Softball Coaching Staff


Kelvin Chapman, Head Coach

To contact call (707) 468-3130 or email:

Naoto Horiguchi, Trainer


How to Contact Us:

Any prospective student desiring information regarding athletic participation is required to make first contact with Mendocino College. You may contact the Athletic Department at (707) 468-3036, Mike Mari, Athletic Director, at (707) 468-3141, or email:; or an Athletic Counselor at (707) 468-3048. The information provided herein is for information purposes and is not a student-athlete recruitment message or effort.



Matt Gordon, Interim Athletic Director| Office (707) 468-3165 |
Fax (707) 468-3132 | 

Anna Daugherty, Administrative Assistant | Office (707) 468-3255 |
Fax (707) 468-3132 |

Naoto Horiiguchi, Athletic Trainer | (707) 468-3037 |





Please be advised that this site is the only sanctioned site that provides information about our program, coaches and student / athletes. Mendocino College does not sponsor any other athletic sites, and you are advised that information provided at other sites about our program may be inaccurate, misleading and is being done without the consent of Mendocino College.


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