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Rene Phillips - Chico State University

Rebecca Fuller* - Menlo College, CA (NCAA III)


Meghan Brown - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University

Jessica Kijack - Mayville State, ND

 Emily Wilson* - Iowa Wesleyan College, IA (NAIA)

Courtney Freeman* - Masters College, CA (NAIA)


Liz Mayer - Sonoma State University

Ivania Enriccas - UC Davis

Mikala Knoll - Humboldt State University

Sadie Poleman - Humboldt State Univsersity


Cate Miramontes* - Cal State University Monterey Bay

Ronnie Miramontes - Cal State University Monteray Bay

Tabitha Olson - Chico State University

Sierra Vondfeldt - Fresno State University

Amber Shepard - Humboldt State University

Kelsi Ryan - UC Davis


Molly Ryan - Chico State University

Carly Davis - Chico State University

Nicole Brewer - California State University Northridge


Julie Jackson - Mayville State, ND

Candy Diener - Sonoma State University

Lauren Moses* - Hope International University, CA (NAIA)


Lezlie Elmer - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University

Sara Adams - UC Davis

Jane Khoury - UC Davis


Fallon Hovland - Western Washington University, WA


Kayla D'Archangeli* - Midlands University, NE


Anna Waldman* - Lyons College, AR

Margan DeSoto-Randall - Boise State University, ID

Maria (Luptia) Vargas - Sacramento State

Ronnie Richter* - Univeristy of Hawaii-Hilo, HI

Taylor McMillin* - Humboldt State University

* Notes players that have moved on to continue their student-athletic career


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