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updated October 15, 2012

Career Based Websites: -- is a general information website with many resources useful to current individuals looking to enter or advance a career in business.

Career Bliss:  A career resource website dedicated to helping people find happiness in life via happiness in the workplace.  Over 630,000 company reviews, 7.2 million salary research data points, and 3 million job listings. Onlinejob board is updated daily and includes career opportunities across many industries.

Becomeopedia:  Find information about how to become hundreds of careers including education requirements, job descriptions, salary info, and future career paths.

What Do You Want To Do For A Living?:  This website allows a search by three categories - key words, industry, or what you want to do!

Green Careers:  This website will help guide you as you embark on a journey to identify, articulate, and land the green career that brings you opportunities to contribute you expertise to the essential issues of our time. 

California Community College Career Cafe:  This website has career tips specifically for California Community College students with a free career assessment test and resources for students to connect with employers in and around their home town!

California Career Zone:  This website allows you to do a quick assessment of your interests and match you with potential jobs that fit those interests; you can get a "reality check" of how much you spend each month; get information about different occupational industries.

Occupational Outlook Handbook:  This government-based website of the 2010-2011 edition allows you an overlook of almost every job in the United States, what kind of training is needed, what you will earn on average, what day-to-day life is on the job, if the job is up and coming or on a downturn, and show the kind of conditions under which people in this job work.

California Career Planning Guide This guide has invaluable information to help you start from the beginning of the career choosing process to first learn about yourself with the Holland self assessment test.  It then discusses how to put into practice what you have learned to then choose a job best suited for you, and how to set realistic goals to accomplish getting that career of your dreams.

Career in Public Administration:  Search Online MPA Degrees, Programs.  Loads of information here if Public Administration is your goal, check it out:

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