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How much financial aid you are paid depends on how many units you are enrolled in!  Plan your enrollment to increase your success.  We recommend that if you enroll in more units that you work less hours.

Determining Enrollment Status 


Students who meet the priority financial aid deadline, will be paid their first disbursement based on units enrolled at the time of disbursement.  Any student whose first disbursement occurs after the financial aid census date (see dates & deadlines) will have their disbursement paid on the number of units enrolled at that time.  Remember that much of your financial aid eligibility depends on completing the courses you enroll in and for which you are paid.  We will no longer adjust up or down as the student adds and drops classes.  If a student completes their financial aid process after the census date, they will be paid for the units they are enrolled in at the time of the disbursement. 


For purposes of federal satisfactory academic progress, units attempted means the number of units the student is enrolled in on last day to drop without a grade notation.  For purposes of calculating disbursement, the student’s enrollment status at the time of the disbursement calculation is used. 


If the student is enrolled in 12 or more units at census, the student is considered full-time.


If the student is enrolled in 9.0 to 11.5 units they are considered ¾ time.


If the student is enrolled in 6.0 to 8.5 units, they are considered ½ time.


If they are enrolled in .5 to 5.5 units they are considered less than half time.

If you think you need to drop a class, talk to a financial aid technician and ask the consequences.

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