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File: NR-8th Annual Festival of New Plays at Mendocino College
Photo:  Herron Spence and Kristy Tucker shown here in the 2009 New Play Festival, will also be appearing in this year’s festival.


8th Annual Festival of New Plays at Mendocino College


The Mendocino College Theatre Arts Department will present the Eighth Annual Festival of New Plays on Friday and Saturday May 14 and 15 at 8 PM in the college’s Little Theatre, room 710 on the Ukiah campus.


The festival features ten new plays by local playwrights.  Each play is approximately ten minutes long and will be presented at both performances. Many of the plays were developed in English professor Jody Gehrman’s writing classes.  Gehrman has also served as the production’s dramaturge.


The plays have been directed by Mendocino College directing students under the guidance of theatre professor Reid Edelman. The short plays cover a range of topics and performance styles.  According to Edelman, “this annual festival is one of the college theatre program’s most exciting projects, and this year’s line-up of plays is wonderfully vibrant and eclectic.”


“Lucky Sheets” by Rose Summers is a film noir style gangster play with a romantic twist.  The director is Brittani Ray; the cast includes Jordeanna Bell, Ryan Eldredge and David Strock.


Margie Loesch is directing Victoria Shaul’s play “Does Mother Know Best?”  In this piece, a mother worries about her high school aged daughter.  Two imaginary characters, “mother’s intuition” and “mother’s worst nightmare,” stoke the mother’s fear.  The cast includes Lauren Felt, Joni McLeod, Corinna Rogers and Kristy Tucker. 


Florence Peck and Sheralyn Riewerts’ play “Fair Trade,” under the direction of Lauren Felt, is a disturbing drama about a woman who takes matters into her own hands in order to deal with her granddaughter’s dangerous and abusive husband.  The cast includes Paula Murphy and Kelly Clark.


In Corinna Roger’s “Perfect Results,” two seemingly incompatible students are paired together as lab partners in a genetics course.  When a computer analysis suggests that they are ideal genetic matches for each other, romance ensues.  David Wolf directs this comedic romp.  The cast features Roseanne Wetzel and Jake Stoepler. 


“Night Class,” written by Don Samson and directed by Marje Artlip, explores the relationship of Jerry and Ginger, a working class couple who find that their marriage is challenged when Ginger returns to night school.  The cast includes Charles Hessom and Jolie Lamour.


Brittani Ray’s “Wayside,” a charming romance involving two good friends and a cell phone, features Alyssa Rempel, Aaron Rosen and Rose Summers.  Another comedic short play, Natasha Yim’s “Playing With Knives,” is a farce about two muggers who get more than they bargain for when they attempt to mug an older couple in a dark New York alley.  The cast includes Justin Briggs, Jan Michele, Mikeal Tadeo and Jake Stoepler. Maria Monti directs both of these delightful plays.


Jessica Lee’s “Risk Management” is a timely absurdist spin on the health insurance industry.  Mitchell Robertson is the director.  The cast includes Michael Charnes, Will Schlosser, Jeanine Bowman and Richard Summers.


In Teresa Loesch’s “The Cabin of Togetherness,” directed by Tyler Gardner, two sisters and their brother’s fiancée meet in a rustic cabin in the woods for some quality time.  The only problem is that the sisters find their brother’s bride to be irritating at best.   The cast features Herron Spence, Erin Gragson and Sarah Walker.


Finally, Bill Webster’s play “Godshrink,” God shows up as a patient in Dr. Kornfeldt’s psychiatric office.  Things get even more interesting when Satan joins them as well.  Maxx Kurzunski directs this philosophical comedy with a cast that includes Flynn Platt, Brittani Ray, Louise Phillips and pianist Aaron Schimmel.


Tickets are available at the Mendocino Book Company and at the Mendocino College Bookstore and online at www.Arts  Some of the plays are for mature audiences and include moments of violence and sexuality.   The festival is recommended for ages 13 and up.  Admission is $5.  This production is expected to sell out quickly, so audience members are encouraged to purchase tickets soon!  All proceeds will help support the college theatre club.   For more information, call Reid Edelman at 468-3172.






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