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Attention Financial Aid

Summer Students


·      2014 Summer classes start on a rolling schedule

·      Financial Aid cannot be paid until the class starts

·      Financial Aid must verify you are attending class


We will pay financial aid on a rolling basis.  Checks will go out Tuesday, June 17th for students whose classes already started by June 9th. (ALL classes)


·        Students who have classes that start June 16th will need to have their attendance verified by faculty to get a check mailed on the 19th. 

·        Otherwise, any student who has started ALL of their classes by the 18th will be issued a check on the 24th.

·        Students whose classes start on the 23rd will need attendance verification by noon on the 26th or they must wait until July 3rd to receive a check.

·        No July start classes can be paid for until after the census date for those classes.

·        ALL summer financial aid will be reviewed and adjusted for additional money or reversal of aid which will result in a debt on your account.

We are sorry for the confusion, but this is a complicated process.  You will be paid for your classes approximately a week after they start.  You will owe money back if you drop classes for which you have been paid.  Remember: we cannot pay you for fall term until your file is complete AND your summer grades have been posted.  

Helpful Reminders

·        To get your fees waived for Summer you must complete the 2014-15 FAFSA. 

·        High school seniors are encouraged to complete the 2013-14 FAFSA.  Watch
       Web Advisor to complete your file early.  Financial Aid will determine if you
       are eligible for a pell grant award. DEADLINE is June 30, 2014.


·        More than ever, your financial aid eligibility is based on your successful
   completion of courses.


·        We do not recommend students take more than 6 units during summer session.    
   Every day of summer school is like a week of regular school.  If you are
   considering more than 6 units please see a counselor.


·        You must tell us if you are attending summer, so we can include you in summer


·        You must enroll in summer classes before May 31st to be processed in time 
   for the first week of classes.


·        If you are on an exceeded maximum petition—we can only pay for courses on your
   ED PLAN (enroll early to get those classes). 


·        Award amounts posted to Web Advisor reflect remaining aid.  Your summer payment will be based on the units your are enrolled based on the financial aid census date.  
You can check Web Advisor daily—after you enroll in classes.

·        To be paid the first week of classes you must attend your first class and have a professor sign your Attendance Verification form.  This form is ONLY needed the first week of classes.  Signed by ONLY one professor.


First disbursement for Ukiah Campus for summer is June 12TH for students with active participation forms

June 17th is for the  Lake or Willits Center students, if you class starts on June 16th, 2014.

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