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  Back on Track Workshop

Complete Description
The back on track workshop is for students who are on financial aid probation.  This workshop will help you understand the standards of progress and how to ensure you academically maintain your aid eligibility.  Search the attached link for more information about Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

Space is limited.  Contact the campus Financial Aid Office directly to register for this workshop (707) 468-3110, Willits Center (707) 459-6224 or Lake Center (707) 263-4944. 

To receive credit for attending this workshop you must arrive on time and stay until the workshop is finished.  Please plan accordingly.
Calendar of Dates and Locations

NOTE:    If you are traveling from our Lake or Willits Center locations, please make sure to call to confirm the workshop doesn't have a change or cancellation.

 Seating is limited so Sign-up by calling the Financial Aid Office (707) 468-3110.
                                         SPRING 2014  - LAST CHANCE

                                                 "Back on Track"

Thursday, March 27, 2014 1:00 p.m. ROOM 4141NEW Library Building

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