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Signing up for a Tutor

If you are having trouble in a class --falling behind, or not understanding the material-- we recommend that you speak with a Counselor as soon as you recognize a problem. The Counselor may be able to adjust your accommodations, or help you transfer to a more appropriate class. Tutoring is often a big help!

Tutoring and study groups are available from the Learning Center. Please be aware that you must request a tutor; your Instructor will not do this for you, and neither will your Counselor.

Very important: Instructors are not tutors; this is not their role! You may visit them during their office hours to ask questions about the course, and your progress in the course, but they will not give you individual instruction; this is the role of a tutor.

The process for getting a tutor is simple:

1. Go to the Learning Center (Lake and North County Center students: Sign up at the front desk.)

2. Fill out the tutoring request

3. Attend the sessions

4. Speak to your Counselor if you are still having problems



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