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How to Graduate

Petition to Graduate

Graduating Student Survey

1.  Print the “Petition to Graduate”  and complete the shaded section.*
2.  Print and complete the Graduating Student Survey; it will take you about 10 minutes.**
3. Make an appointment with your counselor to have an exit interview or transcript review
4. Meet with your counselor.  At that time s/he will help you complete the Petition to Graduate and will make sure you are ready.  Turn in your completed Graduating Student Survey at the same time.
5.  Congratulations! You will receive a packet of information regarding graduation from Admissions and Records in April.

**This is not required, but it is requested that all graduating students complete the survey so that the College can better serve future students.

Petitioning Through WebAdvisor

Applications for graduation may now be submitted online through WebAdvisor.  Please use the following document to guide you through the process:  WebAdvisor Application for Graduation

If you have any questions regarding the graduation process, please contact the Admissions and Records Office at 707-468-3101 or


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