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Student Agreement for Tape Recording Classes

To protect Faculty rights and the integrIty of the instructional process, DRC students are required to sign the below agreement:


Disability Resource Center 

Student Agreement for Tape Recording Classes 

Are students with verified disabilities allowed to tape classes as an accommodation?  

YES. According to US Department of Education, Office for civil Rights, the tape-recording of classroom sessions as an accommodation for students with disabilities may not be restricted. It is specifically addressed under Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) The legal reference, found in the Code of Federal Regulations 34CFR104.44(b) for Section 504 reads as follows: 

Section 104.44 Academic Adjustments 

“(b) other rules. A recipient(college) to which this subpart applies may not impose upon handicapped students other rules, such as the prohibition of tape recorders in classrooms or of guide dogs in campus building, that have the effect limiting the participation of handicapped students in the recipients’ s education program or activity.” 

While students with disabilities who need it as an accommodation must be allowed to tape classes, they may be required to sign an agreement which indicates that the tapes will not be sold or used for any other purpose than their own educational needs.


Student Agreement for Tape Recording Classes 

I, _______________________ agree that I will not copy or release any recording or transcription or otherwise hinder the ability of my professors to obtain a copyright on class material I have taped. I will use the tape recorded information solely for my educational needs. 

______________________________________                ______________       

Student’s Signature                                                         Date


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