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How do I give "extended time" for in-class quizzes?

If a student in your class has presented you with a Letter of Accommodation stipulating extra time on tests, you will have to work together with the student to make this work. A little advance planning will be required, but it should go smoothly as long as everyone does their part.

For instance, next Thursday you will give an in-class quiz, followed by lecture. There is no way to accommodate the student's need within the classroom period. The student would need to take the quiz before the class, and then study quietly while the other students take their quiz. (This does rule out "pop quizzes," however..)

Students may take proctored exams and quizzes in the Learning Center. You will need to confirm with the student the day and time they will take their quiz, and then bring the quiz to the Learning Center. When you bring materials to the Learning Center, include this information:

  • Length of the exam.
  • Open book or closed book.
  • Can student refer to their notes?

Suggestions: Be sure your syllabus clearly indicates the dates of all exams and quizzes. Be sure your syllabus is very clear about consequences for students who miss exams. This will be helpful whether DRC students or not.

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