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I Got an Accommodation Letter - Now What?

 What is an “Accommodation Letter”?

Students who require classroom accommodations will get a document entitled, “REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES." The “Accommodations Letter” will be signed by the Counselor, and will indicate the classroom accommodations to which the student is entitled. 

What are the Faculty responsibilities?

When your student presents you with an Accommodations Letter, your responsibility is to read it, sign it, and send the original signed copy to the Disability Resources Center via the inter-office mail. Your signature on the Accommodations Letter acknowledges that you have been informed of the student needs, and of your responsibility to assure that the student gets the prescribed accommodations.

What are the student responsibilities?

The student’s responsibility is to present an Accommodations Letter to each instructor, and to contact their DRC Counselor promptly if they have any questions or concerns. 

For More Information   

Please contact the DRC Coordinator (468-3031) questions or concerns about accommodations, your responsibilities, or student learning. You can help your disabled student by processing an “Early Alert” if the student is not making satisfactory academic progress. Contact Student Services for Early Alert Procedures. 

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