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What services are available?

DRC staff identify individualized accommodations for each student. These may include:

  • Disability counseling
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Priority registration
  • Extended time on tests & quizzes
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Assistive technology
  • Audio books 
  • Large print documents
  • Braille 
  • Learning strategies
  • Tutoring
  • Referral to outside agencies

Neither classroom assignments nor instructor expectations are modified for DRC students; instead, services and accommodations are provided to help DRC students succeed in the same coursework as their peers. This protects the integrity of our programs.

Educational Accommodations

Students with a certified disability are entitled to accommodations to help them succeed with their program. Accommodations may include academic and vocational counseling, early registration assistance, tape recorders, note takers, interpreters for the Deaf, or audio books. Your DRC Counselor will explain this process in detail. Students with a certified disability will get an "Accommodation Letter" that will explain to their instructor the special arrangements required.

Learning Skills Lab

The Learning Skills Lab is a study environment where students can get coaching and support to develop learning strategies to help with their particular situation. Learning Specialists help with study skills, test-taking strategies, math phobia, and learning disabilities of all kinds. Learning Disability Assessment is available for students as appropriate. The Learning Skills Lab is located in Room 760, Lowery Library Building.

High Tech Center

The High Tech Center provides training in the use of adaptive computer technology to allow students with orthopedic, visual, learning, or other disabilities to access computers. We have equipment for voice-activated computer use, text-reading scanners, adaptive keyboard and mouse, and screen enlargement.  Students who want to access this equipment should investigate courses in the "Learning Skills" Department (LRS.) 

Alternate Media

The Alternate Media Specialist provides classroom materials in a format that accommodates the student needs. This may include Braille textbooks, sign language interpreting, large-print text, screen enlargement, e-text, or audio books.  

Mental Health Counseling

The DRC can help you schedule a confidential appointment with a licensed Mental Health counselor. Your DRC counselor can help you arrange these services. Click here for more information.

Learning Skills Classes (LRS)

A Learning Disabilities Specialist provides learning disability assessment, small group instruction, and advising to support academic and vocational goals. Students who can benefit from skills development may enroll in any of these courses:

Learning Skills Courses:

  • LRS 2:      Adapted Computer Access for students with disabilities
  • LRS 10:    Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 11:    Writing Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 12:    Math Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 14:    Mainstream Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 500:  Academics for Adult Learners with Disabilities
Adaptive Physical Education Courses:
  • PEG 50 Adaptive Physical
  • PEG 55 Adaptive Resistance Training

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