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Current EOPS News as of January 17, 2014: 



Where do you go to pick-up your Book Voucher?

Continuing EOPS Students:
Students who received EOPS services last semester and are still eligible to received services for Spring 2014
need to go to an EOPS Kick-off Meeting to pick-up their set of school supplies, Book Voucher, information about an EOPS Grant, and other important announcements.  The Kick-off Meeting is a brief (30-45 minutes) meeting.  You do not need to sign-up in advance.  Simply show up to whichever one is most convenient for you!

Click here for the list of EOPS Kick-off Meetings for Spring 2014

New EOPS Students:
Students who are new to EOPS and have been notified that they are eligible for EOPS 
must attend an EOPS Orientation before they can begin receiving EOPS services.  Students must sign-up in advance. Call 468-3113 to let the EOPS/CARE Specialist know which Orientation you plan to attend. Please make your plans ahead of time; students who bring children or arrive after the Orientation has begun will not be permitted to attend. 

Click here for the list of EOPS Orientations for Spring 2014.



Didn't make all 3 EOPS Contacts?

Didn't earn at least a 2.00 gpa for Fall 2013?

You may still be eligible for EOPS for Spring 2014, if you haven't reached one of the EOPS Limits (6 consecutive semesters of EOPS services and/or 70 or more degree applicable units completed).  If you haven't received an email from the EOPS/CARE Specialist, indicating your EOPS Status for Spring 2014, email Nancy Heth  at

EOPS students who received EOPS services last semester (Fall 2013) but did not make all 3 EOPS Contacts and/or did not complete the fall semester with at least a 2.00 grade point average will be on EOPS Probation for Spring 2014.  Some exceptions may apply.  Click here for a list of Probation Requirements.



EOPS Workshop "My Road to Success" 

Mark your calendar!  The "My Road to Success" Workshops are required of all EOPS students on EOPS Probation.  New EOPS students are encouraged to attend.

This basic workshop will motivate students to start the semester on the "Road to Success."  Students will be presented with four important "stops" on their "Road to Success," and each "stop" will identify the essential practices students should adopt on their journey toward reaching their goals.

Click here for a list of "My Road to Success" EOPS Workshops


Campus Bookstore Price Match!

Mendocino College's Bookstore is offering a deal when you purchase your textbooks on-campus.  If you find a textbook at one of the approved bookstores (see below) for a cheaper price, the campus Bookstore will beat their price by 10%!!  All you need to do is visit the website of one of more of the approved bookstores to see if they are selling the same book for less; take a copy of the page that shows the title of the textbook, the author's name, ISBN, and the price to the Bookstore (the copy must be printed within 24 hours of presenting it for the price match); and the Bookstore will charge you the lower price less 10%.  You can't beat that deal! 

Click here for a list of the bookstores to visit when looking for textbooks at a cheaper price.

The price matching also applies to the rental of textbooks.


EOPS Lending Library

Another way to save on the cost of textbooks is to borrow one from the EOPS Lending Library.  Click here for the Spring 2014 Lending Library List.  Click here for instructions on how to use the Lending Library.  

Dates to Remember

January 17: EOPS Lending Library List available at 5:00pm

January 20: Campus Closed/Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

January 21: Spring 2014 Semester begins!

January 27: Instructor permission required to add semester length classes

January 31:  Add and Refund deadline for semester length classes; Petition required after this date to add



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