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    Ukiah, CA – It is not uncommon for students to attend a community college before transferring to a four-year institution.  
    According to Mendocino College Vice President of Education and Student Services, Meridith Randall, community colleges deliver lower division courses, such as Introduction to Psychology, and use the same texts and content as four-year schools for a fraction of the cost.  
    “The faculty is just as qualified, the classes are smaller and the interaction is more stimulating.  At many four-year schools, it’s actually graduate students who teach these courses.  So I would recommend that all students attend Mendocino College or another two-year school first to save money, get accustomed to college life and receive excellent instruction,” Randall said.
    Since 2000-2001, there have been 820 Mendocino College transfers have enrolled in a University of California or California State University.  

MC Transfers enrolled in a UC or CSU School
Year        UC    CSU    Total
2000=01    7      97    104
2001-02    23    108    131
2002-03    14     86    100
2003-04    18    100    118
2004-05    18    114    132
2005-06    13    101    114
2006-07     8     113    121
      Source: California Postsecondary Education Commission

    Andrea Luna, who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Toxicology at University of California-Davis in 2007, attended Mendocino College (2002-2005) first to fit her lifestyle.   
    “I attended Mendocino because it was convenient and cheaper than a four year university.  Being a mother, I found Mendocino to be very helpful and easier for me than other schools I have attended,” Luna said.      According to Luna, smaller classes are an advantage because you get more individual time with the teacher and can ask more questions.            Luna, who is from Laytonville, credits the Mendocino College M.E.S.A program for being extremely helpful and recommends the program to any math, science or engineering majors. 
    After graduating from Mendocino College in 2002 with a certificate in textiles/weaving, Pavlos Mayakis completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at Skidmore College/University Without Walls (Saratoga Springs, NY).   
    “I was living in San Francisco when I heard about the program at Mendocino College.  I then moved up to the Russian River area and commuted four days a week to Ukiah so that I could complete the program,” Mayakis said.     
    While at Mendocino, Mayakis received the Foundations Scholarship of Promise and the Full Time Faculty Scholarship.    
    Originally from Albany, NY, Mayakis has written an article for the Surface Design Newsletter and taught workshops at several regional arts and crafts centers including Mendocino Art Center.     
    Currently, Mayakis is attending graduate school at Goddard College (Plainfied, VT) and is enrolled in their Master Fine Arts – Interdisciplinary Arts program. 
    Originally from the San Joaquin Valley, Josie Warren attended Mendocino College in the spring of 2005 and transferred to Sonoma State University.   
    Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, she hopes to teach at Ukiah High School someday.     
    “My husband and I chose Mendocino College because it is quite beautiful and there is a most eclectic mix of people here.  You would be hard pressed to find a place like Mendocino anywhere else,” Warren said.   
    Ukiah native, Angela Dauer attended Mendocino College because she felt she was not mentally ready for a four-year school.   
    “I wasn’t ready to leave home.  I took some fun courses over a couple summers while in high school, but became full-time in the fall of 2005,” Dauer said.   
    Dauer graduated in the spring of 2007 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Spanish and an Associate of Science Degree in Mathematics.  Currently, Dauer is attending the University of California-Berkeley where she plans to graduate in spring 2010 with a bachelor’s in Mathematics.          After a rewarding experience while serving as an intern for the Mendocino County Alcohol/Other Drug Programs (AODP), Eric Holden decided to start his education through Mendocino College. 
    Holden, a Willits resident, graduated from Mendocino College in 2000 with President’s Honors with an Associate of Science Degree in Alcohol and Other Drug Studies. 
    While serving as a counselor for AODP, Holden continued his education and earned his bachelor’s degree in Humanities with an emphasis in addiction treatment.
    After earning his bachelor’s degree, Holden was promoted to substance abuse therapist and then transferred to the County Social Services Department in March of 2007, where he was hired as social worker level III working in the emergency response unit for child protective services. 
    “I love the job I now have and still use my clinical skills and education to work with many of the families I have been involved with.  My education has been central to my journey and I am forever grateful to the faculty of Mendocino College as well as the faculty of all the other schools I have attended in my life,”
    Holden said.Holden plans on furthering his education by applying to Sacramento State University to complete his master’s degree in social work.
    Brian Sallee, who attended Middletown High School, played football at Mendocino College from 2002-2004.  
    Sallee earned an Associate of Arts Degree in liberal studies and then received a football scholarship to Duke University, where he graduated in 2006 with a degree in Sociology and Markets and Management.  
    “I decided to attend Mendocino for several reasons.  The school has great facilities and a beautiful campus.  Plus, I wanted to come in and play right away,” Sallee said.
    According to Salle, Mendocino also has an excellent faculty who really care about their students.
    “I became close with several of my professors and have stayed in touch with some even today.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change the path I took for anything.  In two years at Mendocino, I had some of the best times,” Sallee said.  
    Mendocino College has a new Career and Transfer Center located in room 1200 in MacMillan Hall. Students will be able to get help with the application process to the four year colleges, sign up for Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program for the UC system and take advantage of Instant Admission with Humboldt, Sonoma or Chico State University. Students can also meet with the transfer counselor to develop a Transfer Plan.  College catalogs, transfer information, and help with choosing a major is also available.
    For additional information about Mendocino College and the programs they offer, visit  

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