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CDV Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

CDV 70A Ages and Stages of Development  

CDV 70B Language and Literacy Development with Young Children  

CDV 79 Relationships and Children's Behavior

CDV 88 Special Topics in Child Development

CDV 100 Principles in Preschool Programs  

CDV 101 Practices and Curriculum in Preschool Programs

CDV 106 Children with Special Learning Needs  

CDV 109 Child Health, Nutrition, and Safety  

CDV 113 Classroom Experiences - Lab III  

CDV 119 Migrant Education Seminar II  

CDV 120 Infants and Toddlers  

CDV 121 Infant/Toddler Curriculum  

CDV 125 Creative Activities  

CDV 126 Music and Movement  

CDV 127 Language and Literacy for Young Children  

CDV 130 Administration of Preschools/Child Care Centers  

CDV 134 Advanced Administration of Preschools/Child Care Centers  

CDV 135 Supervision of Adults in a Child Development Program  

CDV 140 Working With School Aged Children And Youth  

CDV 152 Working with Parents  

CDV 153 Behavior Support Strategies  

CDV 161 Active Learning and Play  

CDV 162 Curriculum Planning  

CDV 180 Child, Family and Community

CDV 196 CDV-Occupational Work Experience Education  

CDV 199 Independent Study

CDV 200 Psychology of Development: Infancy through Adolescence  

CDV 202 Multi-Cultural Perspective  

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