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717040: HVAC Upgrades & Additions



September 2009 - This project has been combined with Project #717020/Energy Projects. Updates appear under Project 717020.

July 2009 - SEE PROJECT #717020 - ENERGY PROJECTS. A project proposal from an outside consultant is currently under review. Alternate options/budget/financing will be considered.

June 2008 - A condition assessment has been done by an energy consultant in order to develop a comprehensive plan for the upgrade of all systems to current technologies in order to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings. Some costs may be shifted from the bond project to funding that will pay the cost of improvements out of energy savings.

March 2008 - In order to bring the infrastructure of the HVAC, cabling, and network systems up to standards, the system needs to be upgraded. A proposal for recommended changes and upgrades is anticipated by March 31. If accepted, the engineer phase will follow.

New, updated copper and fiber connectivity is being installed from the main PE building to the Gym to assure that the EMS system is operating at highest efficiency.

February 2008 - A re-commissioning project has been completed on the  PE and Gymnasium buildings to assess the costs of subsequent re-commissioning projects in other buildings. An assessment of current utility use is taking place to establish a baseline determination that will help the District qualify for possible match funds for successive re-commissioning and energy related improvements, including lighting and energy management system improvements. 

December 2007 - The project for the replacement of the chillers in MacMillan Hall and the Lowery Library was accepted by the M-LCCD Board of Trustees on December 12, 2007 

September 2007 - The chiller replacement/upgrade portion of this project is complete as of August 31, 2007. The chiller replacement/upgrades took place in MacMillan Hall, Lowery Library and the Vocational Education/Technical Center buildings.

August 2007 - Will need inventory and assessment of current HVAC operations. Replacement of the chillers in MacMillan Hall and Lowery Library buildings have been completed.

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