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Finding Course Section Numbers for

Cooperative Work Experience Education Courses

If you are new to Mendocino College's Web Advisor class search feature, follow these instructions to first log-in to Web Advisor, and then to locate and register for classes.

To locate the appropriate course section number needed to enroll in Cooperative Work Experience Education, go to the "Web Advisor Class Schedule Search" page of the Mendocino College web site.

After logging on to Web Advisor, click on "class schedule search" under the "Registration" section, and choose the "term" (semester) from the drop down menu.

For General Work Experience, choose "Cooperative Work Experience" under "subject"; under "course number" choose either "50" or "195".

For Occupational Work Experience, choose the discipline heading followed by "196" for the course number.

Choose the correct section number for the location in which you work (not live) and for the units you are attempting. Enter the number of units in which you want to enroll (up to 8 units); remember, for each unit you will need to work 75 hours (if paid) or 60 hours (if volunteer) over the course of the semester.

CED 195: General Work Experience

General Work Experience Education is supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness. The work experience need not be related to the students' educational goals, and any type of work, paid or volunteer, is appropriate. The objectives students set for themselves need to be "baccalaureate level". Students can enroll in 1-6 units per semester, for a maximum of 16 units applied to your Associates Degree as elective credit. These units can also be transferred to most CSUs.

CED 50: Intro to Work Experience

This is a lower level General Work Experience. Units earned are applicable to the Associate Degree but are not designed to transfer to a 4-year college. Students can enroll in 1/2 unit increments up to 3 units, for a total of 6 units . The objectives students set for themselves need to be "college level" but are not required to be as challenging as the ones in the other CWEE courses. "General" Work Experience does not have to be related to a major. Any type of work, paid or volunteer, is appropriate.

Occupational Work Experience (196)

Occupational Work Experience Education extends classroom-based occupational learning to a job related to the students' educational or occupational goal. Occupational Work Experience courses can be found under 20 different occupational discipines, from Administration of Justice (ADJ 196) to Welding (WLD 196). The student's work must be related to the 196 course (e.g., if enrolled in Business (BUS) 196, a student must be working in a business setting, and his or her objectives will be business-related). Students can earn from 1-8 units per semester, and up to 16 units can be applied to the Associates Degree and transferred to most CSUs. Disciplines with Occupational CWEE courses are: ADJ, AER, AGR, AOD, AUT, BOT, BUS, CAM, CDV, CLO, CSC, ELT, EGR, FOR, FSC, HLH, HUS, NRS, RLS, WLD

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