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Credit by Examination may be granted only:

a. To a student who is admitted to Mendocino College.
b. To a student who has not earned college credit in more   advanced subject matter
c. Tto a student who has met identified prerequisite(s)/corequisite(s).


  1. The student’s academic records shall be clearly annotated to reflect that the units and grade were earned by examination.
  2. Units earned under credit by examination shall not be counted in determining the 12 semester units of resident credit needed for Associate Degree.
  3. Units earned under credit by examination are not considered part of the student’s official program and will not be used for registration certification to Social Security, the Veterans Administration, or similar agencies.
  4. Credit by examination can only be taken for a letter grade with the exception of those courses designated for pass/no pass only. Courses taken for credit by examination meet major requirements, except those courses designated pass/no pass only.
  5. Courses where credit by examination is earned may not be repeated for credit by classroom attendance unless a substandard grade is earned (D, F or NC.) A grade of incomplete may not be assigned.
  6. Each course designated may be challenged only once. Please click here for a list of currently approved courses. 
  7. A maximum of 12 units of credit may be earned by examination.


Student obtains Petition for Credit by Examination and completes Steps 1 and 2.Student submits form to Admissions and Records for verification and payment of fees.  Payment in full is required at this time.  Fees are the same as the enrollment fee set by the California State Legislature.  Please review the current schedule of classes or Mendocino College website ( for more information. 

  1. Admissions and Records Staff will forward the form to the Dean of Instruction for review.  If approved, the form will be forwarded to the Instructor.  If denied, the form will be returned to Admissions and Records and the student will be processed a refund of the paid fee. 
  2. Instructor will contact student to schedule exam (if not already done in prior meeting), and once exam has been proctored will assign a letter grade (with the exception of those courses designated for Pass/No Pass only), indicate the final grade on the designated area of the petition along with the date and their signature, and return the petition to Admissions and Records who will post the grade.  The grade will be available immediately on WebAdvisor for the term. 

    A copy of the petition will be retained (scanned) in the Admissions and Records Office. 

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