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STUDENT REPRESENTATION FEE: Under provision of California Education Code Section 76060.5 and California Administrative Code Sections 54801-54805, the students of this college have established a student representation fee of one dollar ($1.00) per semester. 

USE OF FEE: The money collected from the student representation fee shall be expended to provide for student representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county and district governments and before offices and agencies of the state. 

RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY:  The fee is mandatory; however, a student has the right to not pay the fee for religious, political, moral or financial reasons.  This refusal must be in writing.  Completion and submission of the Student Rep Fee Waiver form, to Admissions and Records within 5 business days of registration by WebAdvisor, will be honored as refusal of the fee.



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