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 College & Career Success Classes (CCS)

Classes that get you off to a good start towards a rewarding career, major or educational goal, are located in the semester schedule and catalog under "College and Career Success (CCS)."  They are offered in Ukiah and the Lake or Willits Centers.  Previous courses were labelled "GDN." 

  • Courses numbered 50-99 are applicable for any vocational AA/AS degrees and the General Studies AA.
  • Those courses numbered 100-299 are transferable to CSU campuses and can be used as electives for any AA/AS degree
  • CCS 221 is transferable to both the CSU/UC system campuses and can be used for elective credit for any AA/AS degree.

These courses are a good match if you:

  • are unsure what major to select
  • are unsure about a career direction
  • are new to college or coming back to school after a break
  • want to get on the fast track to doing well in college

Read on for more information about each course!

Transition to College (CCS 10):  This course is intended for students who place into English 10 or students who would like additional support adjusting to college life.

College Success (CCS 60):  Life and college skills for students who place in to English 12.

Career Planning Success (CCS 100):  Find the best career options and prepare to land a job. 

Job Search Skills (CCS 102):  Find out how to search the job market and prepare a resume; practice job interviewing skills. 

Orientation to College (CCS 119):  Ease the first-semester transition to college with this class.  Good companion with English 80 and also offered online.

Test Anxiety/Test-Taking Techniques (CCS 123):  Reduce your test fears and practice techniques for objective and essay exams.

Becoming a Successful Online Student (CCS 124):  Learn a variety of strategies for getting the most out of your online classes.  This course is taught online.

Becoming a Master Student (CCS 221):  Study skills for students who are comfortable writing essays.  Also taught online.


La Guía para Buscar un Empleo (CCS 500):  an immigrant's guide to landing a job.

Read what students are saying about College/Career Success courses!

“Because of Career Planning Success:  I am going to be what I want, not what other people want.”   

“A terrific class!  I have a lot of tools that I can put to use in my other classes now.”  (CCS 60) “Thank you for reassuring me about my decision to return to college at 48 years old."   

For program information, please contact:

Jean Stirling, Program Coordinator/Counselor
Room 1000, MacMillan Hall
1000 Hensley Creek Road
Ukiah, CA 95482 

(707) 468-3048


Helpful Resources:

Career and Transfer Center


Disability Resource Center  

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