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Bond Implementation Planning Committee

In November, 2006, the Bond Implementation Planning Committee was formed that includes key management personnel, classified staff and faculty.

The Bond Implementation Planning Committee offers advice to the Superintendent/President concerning the overall planning for the implementation of Measure W bond projects. Committee activities include project identification, planning coordination, prioritization and scheduling, and coordination of communication to college constituencies about the status of all bond projects. Subcommittees will be formed to focus on specific projects, such as the new Library/Learning Resource Center on the Ukiah Campus, a new permanent Willits Center in north Mendocino County, and a new permanent Lake Center in the Lakeport area.

For more information, please contact the Facilities Planning Office at 467-1028.

Members of the Bond Implementation Planning Committee are: Arturo Reyes, Superintendent/President; Larry Perryman, Vice President of Administrative Services, BIPC chair;  Karen Christopherson, Director of Information Technology; Eileen Cichocki, Director of Fiscal Services; Barbara French, Director of Nursing (Faculty member); Sue Goff, Dean of Career and Technical Education; Virginia Guleff, Vice President, Education & Student Services; John Koetzner, Head Librarian (Faculty member); Jouh Loucks, Telecommunications Technician (Classified member); Carolyn Pryor, Facilities Planning Technician; Steve Oliveria, Director of Maintenance & Operations 

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