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News Release - 7/31/2006

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North County College Classes Begin August 21

WILLITS - The Mendocino College Willits Center will offer a selection of community college classes this fall in Willits, Laytonville and Round Valley. Set to begin August 21, the center's Fall 2006 semester will feature day and evening courses in general education, university transfer, computers, business office technology, physical education, and cultural enrichment. “The Willits fall schedule also includes a morning General Education and University Transfer class pattern with an opportunity for North County students to complete AA Degree, California State University transfer, and other General Education requirement choices from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, right here in Willits,” says college Dean Mark Rawitsch. “Other General Education classes at other day and evening times Mondays through Saturdays are also available here this fall,” Rawitsch adds.

The fall semester begins on Monday, August 16, and continues through December 21. Student registration is required before classes begin. Admission, registration and free counseling services for any class offered by the college are available at the Willits Center, across the street from Snider Park on the corner of East Commercial and Marin Streets in downtown Willits. Registration by phone is also available.

"Each semester the Willits Center schedules a selection of classes to meet many educational needs,” says Rawitsch. "Our North County program serves as an introduction to the California Community College System and its network of student support services such as academic counseling, financial aid, low-cost college classes, university transfer guarantees, and more,” Rawitsch says. “A major mission of the state community college system is to help provide quality education at the lowest possible cost to students and their families. California community college fees remain among the lowest in the nation. Many can qualify for financial aid, fee waivers, grants, loans, and scholarships, so no one should think that they can’t afford to go to college, but folks need to take that first step and make contact with us to explore all the ways we can help,” Rawitsch explains.

Classes during the day in Willits this fall include Mac Smith's popular Math Lab, Academic Reading & Writing with Debra Polak, and other English classes with Carly Stewart, Ed Schumann, and Judy Friscia, Introductory Psychology with Linda Gabrielson, and Modern Social Problems with Dan Armanino will also be offered in Willits during the day this fall. Other day classes include voice training with Marilyn Simpson, Beginning Tai Chi with Frank Broadhead, Individual Exercise Lab with Sandy Metzler, Golf with Ron Runberg, and a Tuesday Conversational Spanish class with Norma Avery. Two “early bird” options, both beginning at 8 a.m., Jenna Byrne’s beginning modern dance class five days a week, popular with high school students who can receive college credit, and Dawn Widler’s Mathematical Applications in Business on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, will also be available along with other fall classes offered during daylight hours.

Jan Pedrotti returns this fall with her popular early evening fitness class. Other evening classes meeting degree and transfer requirements include Marriage and Family Relations with Dan Armanino, Psychology of Gender with Linda Gabrielson, Physical Anthropology with Doug Prather, Geology with Skip Beale, U.S. History from World War I to the Present with Louis Rohlicek, and Statistics with Heidi Ahders.

A choice of evening Business Office Technology classes such as beginning keyboarding, business calculators, word processing on a microcomputer, and records and database management are set with instructor Terri Robertson. Several computer-training classes are also offered this fall. A variety of levels of English as a Second Language classes will be presented by Dina Hutton on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. New classes for Willits this fall include Financial Accounting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

A smaller selection of classes will also be offered by the college this fall in Laytonville and Round Valley. Set for Laytonville are daytime Low Temperature Ceramic Glazing and Firing Techniques class on Tuesdays beginning at 9 a.m. with Ivan Anderson, and Introduction to Handbuilding Ceramics, also with Anderson on Tuesdays from 6 to 9 p.m. Also in Laytonville this fall, Beginning Computer Skills with Kris Shelton is set for Wednesdays from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., and Conversational Spanish Level 1 with Spanish Instructor Norma Avery returns on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m.

In Round Valley this spring, classes include Academic Reading and Writing with Andrea Whipple, a math refresher series featuring instruction in whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages and basic math with instructor John Nickel, Beginning Computer Skills with Sandra Williamson, and Principles in Preschool Programs with Ginger Myklebust.

For students interested in online classes or other distance education formats, and work experience classes, the college also provides access to many selections this fall.

Students should consult the Fall Class Schedule for a full listing of all Willits and other North County classes. For more information about how to qualify for fee reductions, or for other information about college programs and support services in Willits, contact the Willits Center of Mendocino College at 459-6224. For a listing of college classes and events, visit

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