California Mini-Corps at Mendocino College
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Criteria for Admission

If you are interested in applying, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Mini-Corps students must be enrolled as full time students in an undergraduate program.
  • Mini-Corps students must have a financial need in order to continue their education.
  • Mini-Corps students should be former migrant, farm laborers, or have experiential knowledge of the migrant family life style.
  • Mini-Corps is open to students who are interested in providing tutorial services to migrant children.
  • Mini-Corps students must be citizens or meet resident criteria of the United States.
  • Mini-Corps students must meet academic standards for a credential. (A minimum of 2.0 for Freshmen, 2.3 Sophomores, 2.5  for Juniors and  2.8 Seniors.)
  • Mini-Corps students should be able to communicate in English and with a high degree of proficiency in Spanish for the program at Mendocino College or one of the following languages for other statewide Mini-Corps programs: Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, or Punjabi.
  • Mini-Corps students must complete all the necessary paperwork to participate in the program.

If you are interested and need assistance or clarification on admission you can call our office at (707) 468-3040

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