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An essential part of an Associate Degree, General Education is intended to introduce students to the variety of academic disciplines and ways of knowing in the contemporary intellectual world. General Education requirements reflect the conviction of the College that those who attain an academic degree should possess in common certain basic abilities, skills and attitudes representative of an educated person.

Specifically, the abilities, skills and attitudes developed through General Education include:

  1. the ability to evaluate and produce effective expression and content in written and spoken discourse;
  2. the ability to analyze, criticize and advocate ideas, and to identify the assumptions upon which particular conclusions depend;
  3. the ability to perform calculations and quantitative analyses appropriate to public and private decision making;
  4. the ability to analyze and appreciate works of philosophical, historical, literary, aesthetic and cultural importance;
  5. the ability to appreciate and understand the contributions and perspectives of women and of ethnic minorities;
  6. the ability to understand and evaluate individual, cultural and social behavior in the society in which one lives, as well as the behavior and social organizations of other human societies;
  7. the ability to comprehend and apply methods of scientific reasoning in the physical and biological sciences, and to comprehend science as a human endeavor, and;
  8. the ability to continue a pattern of lifelong development of oneself as an integrated physiological and psychological entity.

General Education courses are offered at the introductory survey level, and are intended to encompass the widest spectrum of key concepts. General Education courses reflect the key concepts and methods of the sciences, the arts and humanities, or the social sciences. All of the General Education courses are offered at a post secondary level of instruction. General Education courses do not include course work intended as developmental instruction in basic skills, or course work specific to one's academic major.

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