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Mendocino College Academic Senate 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Room 4210 (Library Classroom) 12:30-2 PM


Approval of Agenda

Consent Calendar:                


Approval of Minutes – Minutes of March 12, 2015


Public Comment

Members of the public may address the Senate on any agenda item after being recognized by the Chair. Due to the brevity of the meeting and the length of most agendas, the total amount of time for public comment will be limited to 10 minutes.


Committee Reports

·         Part-Time Faculty Report –

·         President’s Report – see attached


Old Business:

1.       Report & proposal from ad hoc committee on textbook ordering (Steve & Jessica) (15 minutes) {11}

2.       Check-in on online management system ad hoc committee (Jason & Catherine) {1 & 4} (5 minutes)


New Business:

1.       CTE curriculum review cycle (Rebecca Montes & Conan McKay) (10 minutes) {1, 11}

2.       Appoint 2 replacements to hiring committee for nursing position.  Volunteers include:

      Sue Blundell (only day available to meet is Friday)

      Kurt Combs (on Nursing advisory committee)

      Nora Danning (only nursing faculty volunteer)

      Rachel Donham (teaches pre-nursing classes; willing to serve but has limited availability)

      Catherine Indermill (teaches pre-nursing classes; already on HR hiring committee)

      Dan Jenkins (helped start current nursing program)

                              Already on the committee: Greg Hicks

3.       2nd Reading of  Substantive Change Document regarding expansion of services to Mendocino {1,4,5,7, & 10} (30 minutes)

4.       Debrief from faculty meeting on March 19  (5 minutes) {11}

5.       Committee staffing & senate elections check-in.  Additional meeting on Thursday April 16 to plan senate elections and discuss committee staffing? (10  minutes) {11}

6.        (if time allows) Resolution from Jessica Crofoot on fair accreditation (10 minutes) {7 & 11}


Future Agenda Items? Next Meeting April 23, 2015  Possible additional meeting on April 16, 2015

·         Review academic rank procedures & process

·         Committee staffing & senate elections check-in (possible added April 16 meeting)

·         Discussion of enrollment management issues (Jason) (scheduled for April 23 meeting)

·        Check in on dual enrollment classes and best practices (invite Sue Blondell & Debra Polak for April 23 meeting?)

·         Faculty Evaluation process revision proposal{8}



Academic Senate Membership 2014-15

Reid Edelman – President

 Jason Edington – Vice-president / Math

Doug Browe (CVPA)                    

Steve Cardimona (Science)   

Jessica Crofoot – MPFA              

Jody Gehrman (English, Library & Languages)

Dan Jenkins (CTE)                                   

Catherine McKay – MPFA                           

Sarah Walsh  (Social Sciences)     

Tascha Whetzel (Student Services, Learning Skills & Counseling)

 Full Agenda Packet

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