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Each year the District submits a five-year plan for capital construction to the Chancellor's Office; this plan is based on the "District Order of Priorities" as established by the Governing Board.

The State funded construction projects must meet criteria set by the Facilities Planning Section of the Chancellor's Office California Community Colleges. The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges sets priorities for funding of projects in categories. Projects are funded from the top priority category with "A" representing the highest priority. Within each of these categories projects are funded based on justified needs of health and safety hazards, as well as classroom, laboratory, office and library of existing WSCH capacity to load ratios.

Criteria used for prioritization is based on the District's realistic ability to fund the project. Since funding is based on Capacity/Load Ratio and priority categories, the highest funding category that qualifies for space should received the highest ranking, (Example - A's that qualify, then B's that qualify, then C's that qualify; Then A's that don't qualify, B's that don't qualify, C's that don't qualify).

The proposed listing of capital construction projects in the recommended order of priority is: PRIORITY NO. and PROJECT

  1. Science Building - Complete
  2. Library/Learning Resources -Complete
  3. Lake County Center -Complete
  4. Maintenance/Warehouse -Complete
  5. Willits Center -Complete
  6. Cafeteria -Complete
  7. Campus Bookstore -Complete
  8. Student Union -Complete

Planning for renovation of the facilities to be vacated upon completion of the Science building are underway. Space changes include space allocated to the new Nursing program.

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