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Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) allows students to earn college credit for what they learn while working at paid jobs or as volunteers (even if self-employed). There are no class meetings required, other than an initial orientation worker 

"I have learned more in one unit of CWEE than three units in other classes. CWEE gave me the opportunity to use reality based experiences -some good and some not so good- to my advantage in becoming a professional person in the work force. I not only benefitted educationally but prospered financially: four different promotions and career advances directly related to CWEE. Thank you again for your guidance, expertise, and overall great advice" Linda Wootton

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The completion of my learning objective turned out to be one of the best experiences I have had. Many people seem to choose a career path without really knowing what it entails, and from this experience I have learned that the path I have chosen is really what interests me. This experience has made me very happy and reassured me that hard work in school and all the studying will be worth it in the end when I will be able to have a career someday that I truly enjoy doing. Tatum G.

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  Mendocino College Cooperative Work Experience Education                     
  1000 Hensley Creek Rd., Ukiah, CA 95482
  Tereise Van Wyhe, BA - Program Assistant
Phone: (707) 468-3047
Fax: (707) 467-1017
Hours: Monday - Thursday; 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  Dan Jenkins, MA - Professor/CWEE Director
Phone: (707) 468-3020
Fax: (707) 467-1017
  Elizabeth (Liz) Weiss, MA - Adjunct Faculty (Lake County)
Phone: (707) 468-3000 x 4004; (707) 263-4944
Fax:  (707) 263-1908
  Sandy Wake, Adjunct Faculty (Covelo)
Phone:  (707) 983-9714
Fax:  (707) 983-6487

Ukiah Admissions and Records:  (707) 468-3101
Lake Center Admissions and Records: (707) 263-4944
Willits Admissions and Records: (707) 459-6224

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