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Associated Students of Mendocino College

Associated Students of Mendocino College


Students of

The Purpose:
We represent the student body of Mendocino College in
all matters related to our college community.



The Business:
We raise money for student activities and scholarships;

We promote the individual student to take responsibility
for their performance, health, well being and education.



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The Values:
We promote serving students of all ages through our programs and activities;

We respect the ideas, opinions, contributions and right
of all students;

We promote high expectations, ethical and moral
standards, positive reinforcement and recognition;

We promote evaluation and feedback to enhance
future learning;

We promote self knowledge and understanding and independent thinking.



2012-2013 ASMC Student Senate
2012-2013 ASMC Student Senate Back l to r: Advisor Phil Warf, Student Rights Advocate Pat Bennett, Ukiah Representative Anthony Rodriguez, Student Ambassador Aaron Beilenberg, Publicity Director Kevin Leal, and Activities Director Peter Baker. Front l to r: President Morgan Shippey, Secretary Mikeal Tadeo, Vice President Amethyst Raybee, Secretary Mikeal Tadeo, and Treasurer Netanya Asfour.

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