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The COMMUNICATION link has the MY DOCUMENTS tab and a link to our FORM website page.  MY DOCUMENTS will let you know if you have outstanding documents to turn in so we can start processing your financial aid file.  HINT - Check this weekly, status of documents or more documents may post periodically.  Forms can be downloaded HERE.

"NEW" Attention - AB540 Students - Dream Act effective 1-1-13

"NEW" Finanical Aid PORTAL

Financial Aid has a Freeze Date each semester, please check  Dates and Deadlines for the semester date you are interested in.  The Freeze Date means after this date we will not adjust your financial aid up or down for changes in your enrollment.  You must complete ALL of your enrolled units with a "C" average and at least a 67% completion rate or you will be placed on probation and lose your financial aid.  Please note: If you drop all of your units or fail all your classes you will owe your financial aid money back to the Federal Government and Mendocino College.

Rules are changing and it is more important than ever that you take classes towards your goal and successfully complete them with a "C" or better.  If you don't already have an ed plan we recommend you meet with a counselor and develop one.


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